A loan of top quality

Maria Saalen has always been a place of hope; people come there to find spiritual support. It is a place of pilgrimage and destination of numerous petitions from the surroundings.

Saalerwirt is a hotel of historical relevance with a long tradition. The ensemble of buildings has grown over centuries and it is constantly changing. The Tauber family appreciates its historical roots; they implement necessary developments with greatest sensitivity, respect and courage.

In 2020, the main building was supplemented by a simple, single-store structure in block construction. In collaboration with architect and customer, we have been searching for the best solutions for room and material and have found them in the forests of the surroundings:

The pines for the hand-laid floor come from the Nature Park "Fanes-Sennes-Prags": they have been cut during the right lunar phase, dried naturally and stored for more than 10 years. Fillets of South Tyrolean spruces form the structure of the room; their expression is delicate and restrained, their surface is natural without any treatment. There is also a touch of stone pine in the room, a wood, which is appreciated for its calming and relaxing character. Together with the larch wood, that was used for doors and windows, all those trees are the souls of our local forests. They now create that unique vibe in those rooms at Saalerwirt.

In addition, there have been used two more local materials: Serpentine is a dark natural stone from Pfunders; it refines the bathrooms with its elegance. Woolen fabrics of top quality come from "Moessmer Tuchfabrik", the oldest industrial company of the valley.

The Tauber family provides their guests with a loan of top quality: it is the essence of local materials, a result of care and experience. Local handicraft, natural products, authenticity. People and their stories will leave their traces and become part of that atmosphere.

  • Customer: Saalerwirt
  • Project: Robert M. Veneri
  • Place: Maria Saalen (South Tyrol)
  • Photos: Oliver Jaist