Picturesque places, nature and the lake

"Lake Iseo" lies in an almost alpine landscape with steeply sloping shores near the Italian metropolis of Milan. The island "Monte Isola" rises from its southern half. On 12.6 km² there live about 1,600 inhabitants. It can only be reached by boats called "traghetti". No cars drive in that "different world".

House K is embedded into its olive groves. The crystalline structure of cast-in-place concrete integrates itself seamlessly into the original terrain. The appearance of the object is restrained but present. Well-planned incisions let nature flow into the house and accompany the inhabitants on their ways through the different rooms. The view is of picturesque places, nature and, of course, the lake.

The timeless elegance of oiled oak used for furniture and floors, together with exposed concrete, waxed black steel and the furniture collected by the owners, form the harmonious atmosphere of the interior. It is calm but shows attitude at the same time.

And in the evening, it is wonderful to watch from the sun terrace by the pool how the setting sun bathes everything in a soft pink.

  • Customer: Private
  • Architecture: Wolfgang Lukas Hainz
  • Place: Lake Iseo (Italy)
  • Photos: David Schreyer