Great gestures pass with their times,
the grace of an attitude is timeless

There is a special long-term relation between us and this unique project. The Villa is gracefully embedded in the hills of Tuscany. It began with a farm more than 400 years ago, which over the centuries was extended to an elegant ensemble of buildings. After having been neglected for quite a long time, the new owners started with the total redevelopment in 2007. Today the Villa is shining again.

The main question for us was how to integrate the new elements into the charisma of the Villa, grown over centuries, in order to keep up with its great atmospheric quality? Moreover, we had to reach high technical quality standards requested by our customers and the architects. How can such an object be imagined and built in order to face the next 100 years"

Best possible precision rather than perfection, material not surface, self-confidence and respect, attitude instead of great gestures, this was our approach in this context.

"Today, when I go into this house, I can feel the connection between our new elements and their environment, due to their conformable level of quality. That makes me happy." (Jochen Haidacher)

  • Customer: Private
  • Place: Tuscany (Italy)
  • Photos: Marion Lafogler