a pearl for the gem

The Villa "Kontor" is embedded in the urban surroundings of the city of Leipzig. The owners have been restoring the object respectfully over the last years and today the villa is shining again.

It was a pleasure for us to build a custom made kitchen for this object. Our main task was the reinterpretation of the atmosphere, with a new, independent expression, keeping up with the graceful character of its surroundings. A pearl for the gem.

Our fittings create a new, clear room. Their white surface is handmade and stands for sustainable long-term value, as well as for gentle restraint. The inside in dark nut wood offers space for kitchen appliances and the "rinsing-area". Its coating of handmade wrought bronze feels like a touch of luxury. The gem stands in the center of the new room. The inside is characterized by many careful details. Outside the strong presence of the materials is contrasted by the simple form of the isle. Its atmospheric idea speaks for itself.

  • Customer: Villa Kontor
  • Project: Jochen Haidacher
  • Place: Leipzig (Germany)
  • Photos: Katharina Bohm

  • Global reference V-ZUG