A handshake between equals

The name of the city of Bruneck appeared for the first time in a deed issued in 1256. The arc of the "Central Street" runs along the hill of Bruneck Castle that seems like the guardian of the city. The first and only street in town was a part of the fortifications of Bruneck Castle and has always been an important trading place for the citizens. Most of the buildings in those two rows of houses are listed.

Entering the "Central Street" through the historical town gate "Floriani", house n. 44 is located vis-à-vis in privileged position. It was built in 1402 and its owners and functions have changed several times. It was the first town hall of Bruneck.

150 years ago, Vigil Gasser from "Defreggen Valley" in Austria opened a watch shop with workshop. Today the family business has made it to the fourth and fifth generation, who run it with passion and expertise.

Our customers wanted a careful update of their fittings: inventory, evaluation and refresh of existing furniture, as well as harmonic integration of new, independent elements.

The elegance of natural oak wood, frameless showcases, brass and natural split-leather were the right ingredients for our development and realization of the architectural design: the entrance has got a new look in natural stone from South Tyrol. The two massive shutters on the façade facing the "Central Street" are a trademark of V. Gasser: only if the shutters are open the shop is also open. They have had their careful update as well.

It is good to see, that the idea works: the old and the new get in touch and connect with each other. Maybe it is more like a "handshake" between equals creating a new whole that can write some future chapters of the story about that appreciated family business.

  • Customer: V. Gasser
  • Project: Senoner Tammerle Architekten
  • Place: Bruneck (South Tyrol)
  • Photos: Oliver Jaist