At the end of the day, the essential becomes important

In this project it was our task to transform a single, small room into a space of silence. Our customer’s wish was a place of retreat, total silence and calm.

The room is facing north, small and without any remarkable view. Its charisma had got a bit long in the tooth; our theme was a consequent, introspective focus on the nucleus. The concrete way to reach our aim was reduction: The structure of the room is dematerialized and reduced to a white skin; floor and furnishings are made of simple, regional spruce. Its characteristics of inner calmness, the velvety sheen and its pleasant haptics make the material perfectly suitable for our purpose. The light from the ceiling gives the room its necessary spaciousness. In its niche, there is the book for tonight’s read. That’s all.

"Today we are permanently overstimulated in our everyday lives. We all need an oasis of balance; we need time without pressure, time to relax our senses. At the end of the day, the essential becomes important and the reduction of a room gives its inhabitant inner calmness and space to find himself." (Paul Peter Niederwolfsgruber, customer)

  • Customer: Private
  • Project: Jochen Haidacher
  • Place: Percha (South Tyrol)
  • Photos: Marion Lafogler