Reinhold Messner tells the story
of mountain peoples from all over the world

Bruneck Castle was built around 1250 by Bruno von Kirchberg, Prince Bishop of Brixen. Today it reflects different styles of its long history. 2011 was the beginning of a new period. The South Tyrolean alpinist Reinhold Messner chose the castle for his fifth museum "Ripa" (in Tibetan "ri" stands for mountain and "pa" stands for man) offering information about mountain peoples and their different cultures.

It was a very interesting challenge to develop and to build monolithic, sculptural elements, discretely combining the historical object with the new requirements of a museum.

The bar is integrated in the historical knights’ hall. The size of the single constructive elements made it necessary to work the surfaces directly in the castle. The elements of the prince’s room as well as the event hall follow the same idea of relating history to functionality and flexibility.

The building with the cash desk and shop is new. Waxed black steel, constructive elements and furniture in spruce, together with the stairs in larch create a harmonic, respectful spatial atmosphere.

  • Customer: Reinhold Messner, Messner Mountain Museum
  • Architecture: EM2 Architekten
  • Place: Bruneck (South Tyrol)
  • Photos: Jürgen Eheim