a place that makes you feel like "home"

The house with a stunning view is characterized by its self-confident presence, not shy but harmonizing with the town, the landscape and its cultural context. Embedded in a South Tyrolean town with about 600 inhabitants it speaks for itself and the people living there.

First, there was the desire of a place that makes you feel like "home". A place to calm down, to feel the moment and yourself.

The outside of the monolithic body is cloaked in a mantle of regional, rough-sawn stone pine. Due to well-planned incisions and transparencies, the architect makes the surroundings become part of the internal space. They permit a flowing transition between nature and architecture. The inside is shining through the clearness and boldness of its room and materials. The structure in exposed concrete and the refinement of the room in solid regional stone pine create a feeling of clearness without fear of contact. Free of traditionalism two counterpoints are reinforcing each other, hard and soft, rough and smooth, cold and warm, loud and silent, open and intimate.

It was a great pleasure to make our contribution to a dream coming true, to living sustainability and to the creation of atmospherical quality.

  • Customer: Private
  • Architecture: Heinrich Mutschlechner
  • Place: South Tyrol
  • Photos: Oliver Jaist, Madleen Bommert, René Riller