Alone but not lonely – the experience of being part of nature

Many of us dream of stepping out of our everyday lives, of feeling free and having time for ourselves. It was a pleasure to give our contribution to the realization of our customer’s dream: The Tamersc Hunting Lodge is located in the middle of the woods of the Nature Park Fanes-Sennes-Prags, next to slowly growing spruces and pines.

The Ensemble consists of two houses, its outside is restrained: simple log houses built of local, proven materials with traditional roof shapes. But it is worth it to have a closer look and discover some specials in that simple shell: for example the panorama glazing that can disappear behind large sliding shutters. Once they are closed the space becomes introverted.

Precise thinking and elaboration as well as handcrafted construction. That is how these houses were built.

On the ground floor there is a large, open living room with kitchen, dining table, sofa and open fireplace. We have found our contemporary interpretation of local pine wood based on the designs of the architects. In that project this very special material shows its versatility beyond fixed traditions.

Straight stairs lead to the sleeping area and the bathroom on the upper floor. On our way up the panorama glazing offers an impressive view on a massive rock face that seems to "cover the back" of that unique place. The visible gable reminds of hut life.

The furniture is functional in every detail. For these elements we have searched, found and used delicate, local larch wood. The narrow openings in the walls bring different lighting moods into the room, they grant a view outside but protect the inside. The guests feel safe and secure. Nothing reminds of a classic hut – maybe except the "heart-chairs" standing by the table: the same model has already been produced by my great-grandfather. Now they decorate Tamersc as well. They tell us about regional roots, different times and timeless value.

That warm, protected location offers a privileged view on a picturesque and rough panorama. Alone but not lonely – the experience of being part of nature.

  • Customer: Private
  • Architecture: Gerhard Mahlknecht, EM2 Architekten
  • Place: South Tyrol
  • Photos: Mads Mogensen