Our customer's dream
has found its place to become real

Many of the old farms, which had grown over centuries, were demolished and substituted by functional objects with less spirit. It was an opportunity and a pleasure to be part of this project and to make our contribution to finding appropriate answers in this context.

Hof Mut is situated panoramically in sight of the city of Bruneck and is a good example for a self-confident approach to the reinterpretation of a traditional farm. Following the local tradition, living- and working-area are separated into two different buildings, which are carefully integrated in their surroundings. The main fields of work are the cultivation of herbs and cereals, organic farming and horse rearing.

It was our aim to realize the architectural concept, to make the intention of the project palpable. We had an interesting and intensive discussion about the most appropriate solutions in continuous collaboration with the architect. The structural elements are a harmonic part of the space, the external view of the object is homogeneous and details are reduced to a minimum. The functionality of the inside is not visible at first sight. The construction and the materiality of the furniture represent a clear decision for local tradition and sustainability. The original environment of the stone pine used for the project can be seen from the farm. Unique and precious elements serve as testimonials of old times, possessed by the family, and unite the different atmospheres. The space for the herbs in the working-area was exclusively made out of local larch. The object is surrounded by a remarkable silence, telling us about a dream come true for our customers.

A very beautiful and pleasant place.

  • Customer: Private
  • Architecture: Mutweg Architekten, Verena Mutschlechner
  • Place: Bruneck (South Tyrol)
  • Photos: Marion Lafogler, Mads Mogensen, Birgit Koell