A place to experience history

That historical object is located in the so-called "upper town", a part of the historical centre of a small city in South Tyrol.

The house is characterized by a density of different perceptible levels, which have been evolved over the centuries; it is a place to experience history.

The deep flower cellar tells us about the past, when flowers were grown and sold there. On the worn, solid steps of granite, you can imagine the people who have passed the interior staircase. The massive, historical walls and the evolved spatial structure express a unique sense of calmness.

The building has been renovated carefully in recent years. The architect and the customers had the aim to create a dialogue between the "old" and the "new". The new elements are not the result of approximation or replication. That unique symbiosis of different times is characterized by respect and a self-confident communication of equals.

It was our task to develop and build furniture and fixtures and to integrate them into the architectural concept. The kitchen in "black ash" has its own room: its appearance is restrainedly elegant; its external and internal value makes it shine. Functionality is a matter of course.

The architect has designed the large dining table in solid, natural ash with its filigree construction. Together with the chairs from the past, that have been restored carefully, it forms the spatial core theme of the room.

The media furniture of local elm seems like a painting hanging on the wall of the living room. Technology inside, calmness outside.

The sleeping area is a hidden place of retreat in the attic of the building. The material of local, solid stone pine represents a connection to the surroundings.

After its renovation, the house integrates itself seamlessly into the row of adjacent townhouses. Yet it shines in new splendor, both outside and inside.

  • Customer: Private
  • Project: Architekturkollektiv nu//17, Michael Baumgartner
  • Place: South Tyrol
  • Photos: Oliver Jaist

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