A surprising variety of atmospheric experiences

The adventure of that house at the foot of its local mountain "Sciliar" began with the complexity of its building site in the middle of the village and close to steeply sloping terrain. Furthermore, a boulder of dolomite rock had to grant to the object some additional, necessary space. Today, the interaction of those two neighbors has created some interesting and unique spaces in-between. The rock accompanies the house and its inhabitants at every turn, it is present on all floors.

The outside is a hybrid of exposed concrete and larch wood. Inside large and pleasantly cool spaces alternate with smaller, introverted and "warm" areas. Together they form a harmonious whole that invites one to stroll. The house shows its true greatness only when you walk through it. Time and again it reveals some imposing views on "Santner Peak" and "Sciliar".

We have used natural pine for floors and furniture: the expression of the material is restrained but with great impact on the atmosphere in the room. It forms a harmonious counterpoint to the hardness and uniformity of the exposed concrete.

The living-area is made of natural and fragrant stone pine. The kitchen takes a large space and with its attached terrace you always feel very close to nature. The kitchen is built of local cherry wood. Its hand-pleasing feel and the velvety sheen never fail to impress. One would love to touch it - the kitchen - all the time.

I appreciate the surprising variety of atmospheric experiences in the house, which is hard and cool at some points but soft and warm at others.

And in the evening, when the mountains of the Dolomites disappear into the night, night turns into day in the in-house music room.

  • Customer: Private
  • Architecture: Senoner Tammerle Architekten
  • Place: South Tyrol
  • Photos: Lukas Schaller