This room supports me, it helps me to be more myself

"To be present and absent at the same time". That is how architect Lukas Mayr describes this project. I think these words represent appropriately the idea behind the project and the expression of our new space. Nobody even noticed the old hut, which had already stood at its place for a long time before it was transformed into the atelier "the kitchen by haidacher". We had the vision of a space to illustrate and to discuss about "room". We wanted a space speaking for and about us.

Old parts of the hut were taken down carefully; the outside has not changed much. New parts were adapted to the old and discreetly integrated into the existing space. Inside there is a new space, a new world, a resolutely dematerialized stage giving room to the topic of "kitchen".

I love the sharp light cones, which are silhouetted against the black walls and incise the space. Due to plays of light and shadow nearby trees and their branches create new moods continuously. I like the calmness that the forest surrounding me brings into my space. This room helps to express myself, it supports me, it understands me, because it was thought and built for me. This room helps me to be more myself.

This room - to me - feels like built poetry.
(Jochen Haidacher)

  • Customer: Haidacher
  • Architecture: Lukas Mayr Architekt
  • Place: Litschbach (South Tyrol)
  • Photos: Marion Lafogler, Mads Mogensen, Katharina Bohm, Oliver Jaist

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