The appreciation of things by taking care of them

That special wardrobe was designed by Mr. Giancarlo Maresca and planned by the architect Fabio Gianoli in collaboration with "Habits", a studio for industrial design at Milan. The design is inspired by a portmanteau used by the Italian writer and poet Gabriele D’Annunzio. It is for men who love the comfort of a custom-made solution for their individual requirements.

The Swiss company V-ZUG has developed the innovative, technical heart of the object, the "Refresh Butler": Steam refreshes the clothes within a few hours and UV-lamps activate titan oxide to regenerate their structure.

It was a great pleasure for us to give our contribution to the realization of that special project. It was important to find the right materials that give a harmonic sense of quality and elegance: elm with natural finish and burnished brass.

"Clothing is an eternal art that everyone can live and feel individually. But the appreciation of things by taking care of them is an important, basic attitude for the society of our times." (Giancarlo Maresca)

Source: Arbiter, n. 196, July 2019

  • Customer: V-ZUG
  • Project: Arch. Fabio Gianoli, Habits srl, Arbiter, Giancarlo Maresca
  • Concept: frigo2000 spa
  • Photos: Oliver Jaist, Lorenzo Cotrozzi for Arbiter

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