A wooden house in concrete

The expression of that villa with a view on the city of Bruneck is formed by a play of contrasts.

Rough concrete and soaped, local larch in different sizes and treatments are the main materials. Their different properties complement each other in harmonious interaction, creating a specific, clear expression, providing at the same time a lot of space.

In the Southwest the ground floor is realized as a flow towards the outside. Custom-made, room-giving interior completes and refines the room and offers space for all necessities of everyday life. At some points the furniture follows the structure of concrete and is a harmonically integrated part of the architectural concept.

In the living-area there is a very special place: A room-building element invites the inhabitants to stay and to enjoy the beautiful view.

  • Customer: Private
  • Architecture: Forer Unterpertinger Architekten
  • Place: South Tyrol
  • Photos: Oliver Jaist