Fashion I Collector's Pieces I Manufactory

Globalization has changed the city centres. Even at small towns, the shopping streets look more and more similar. High-gloss logos of international brands cover the stories of former family businesses. Global shop concepts cannot react on all specific requirements of every single room. But fortunately there are some exceptions:

House n. 33 stands in the colorful, northern row of houses in the "Central Street" at Bruneck. The Tschurtschenthaler family has been the owner of that listed object since 1840. The ground floor and basement of the large house have been home of an established family-run fashion shop. "Fashion I Collector’s Pieces I Manufactory" - that is how Tschurtschenthaler describes the own business.

The family says: "The purpose of fashion is to underline your character and to make reinventing yourself easy and fun. It is a unique way to express your personality."

For more than 15 years, Tschurtschenthaler has been supporting and promoting the principles of sustainability and fair-trade by integrating into their range of products items of "green fashion".

The reconstruction of the shop in 2020 reflects the family’s attitude to the outside. Everything bases on the atmosphere of the room itself: the historic vaults are free, they form the space and carry it; they give it greatness and charisma. The floor connects all the rooms that are located on different levels. Furniture elements are rational and restrained, sometimes with a pinch of romance, sometimes with a touch of gold. The spot is on the products.

We have come full circle. The new appearance of the rooms represents the ideas of its business: Professional style advice always bases on the individual personality; it is a constant accompaniment of the customers over the years. That is Tschurtschenthaler at Bruneck.

  • Customer: Tschurtschenthaler
  • Project: Christian Moser
  • Place: Bruneck (South Tyrol)
  • Photos: Jürgen Eheim/Zumtobel