The Alpine meets the Mediterranean

SOLeARIA, the name says it all: here at the north bank of the lake Garda the alpine sun meets Mediterranean winds and together they create the special charm of that place.

SOLeARIA, that B&B is a family business with local roots, but open for guests from all over the world. It was our aim to create a timeless and calm but individual expression. Architect and customers wanted to give an impression of the local atmosphere without romanticizing, they imagined interior spaces that reflect the transition between the Alpine and the Mediterranean.

The result are light and ample rooms with delicate but functional furniture of maritime pine: no serial products, each one designed and made for its place. Together with the architecture of the building they serve as a frame for people on their holidays from all over the world. They give an impression of their surroundings but are at the same time open for individuality and personal interpretation.

  • Customer: SOLeARIA
  • Architect: Elisabeth M. Hilber
  • Place: Lake Garda
  • Photos: Marion Lafogler