A journey to the Land of the Saevates

St. Lorenzen in South Tyrol has a long cultural history. Around the hill of "Sonnenburg" there are several archeological sites from the Bronze Age, the Iron Age, the Roman Empire and the late antiquity, which are historically relevant.

The museum is located in the old town hall of St. Lorenzen and tells the story of "Mansio Sebatum", a traffic junction from the Roman Empire and its infrastructure. Many archeological funds from the Iron Age and the Roman Empire give an impression of everyday life and the religious rites of those times.

Clear illustration, playful and interactive transfer of knowledge and comparisons between present and past were the main principals for the design of the exhibition rooms. The elements and display cases serve as restrained frames for vivid illustrations and virtual reconstructions. They are well-integrated companions on an exciting journey through the museum.

  • Customer: Museum Mansio Sebatum
  • Architecture: Gruppe Gut
  • Place: St. Lorenzen (South Tyrol)
  • Photos: Gruppe Gut