A very special place characterized by nature and silence

The "Gralhof" is located on the picturesque shore of the lake "Weissensee" in Carinthia. The ensemble of buildings has grown in about 500 years, their rural architecture is a good example for the local culture and tradition of construction. For many years the Knaller family has been leading their Biohotel and farm as a family business with a focus on ecological management, sustainability and long-term value.

Together with customers and architects, it was a pleasure for us to make our contribution to the development and realization of a contemporary but nevertheless timeless solution for the public areas on the ground floor. The counter in matt, black granite is the central element of the room and offers space for reception, bar and buffet. The expression of the furniture in local larch is restrained.

In respectful interaction between old and new a puristic construction of glass and steel offers a "free view" and unites internal space and nature experience. It was one of our tasks to design a chair in local larch for that "free view". It had to be simple, restrained but comfortable, an element that represents the "Gralhof"-attitude. After the production of a few prototypes we have found the "Gralhof"-chair.

The "Gralhof" is no longer an insider tip. Guests come from far to experience "to be here". Once a year jazz musicians from all over the world participate at the festival "Jazz unterm Birnbaum".

Its characterization by nature and silence makes that place very special.

  • Customer: Biohotel "Gralhof", family Michael and Corinna Knaller
  • Architecture: XBORN, Lukas and Iunia Negenborn
  • Place: Neusach 7, 9762 Weissensee (Austria)
  • Photos: Lumikki Photography, Johanna Riedler