Light- and Airiness - a feeling of home

The Lake Garda, surrounded by the mountains of the Italian province Trentino, is one of the most popular and biggest lakes in Europe. "Casa G" is located near its north bank and offers a stunning view on that unique diversity of nature.

Our customers’ and the architect’s idea was to create an open and flowing structure of spaces. The furniture is carefully-planned and space-defining. Its white finish is refined with "inlays" in local chestnut wood. The elements communicate with the other archaic materials of the building.

Light- and airiness are papable in that place feeling like home. Especially the dining-table with its unique story has its particular charisma:

Before that house has been built an old cedar had been standing at its place. The tree had to be felled but its wood was cut, stored, dried, transformed and re-integrated into the house. We’ve come full circle.

  • Customer: Private
  • Architecture: Elisabeth M. Hilber
  • Place: Lake Garda
  • Photos: Marion Lafogler