The world of concrete

The company Progress AG in Brixen has become one of the most important producers of precast concrete in Italy. The "World of Concrete" answers the questions: "What is concrete and which are its characteristics?"

The composition of concrete, the range of applications due to its adaptability and its properties, such as strength, water- and fire resistance, silence, thermal, comfort and sustainability, can be experienced in audio-visual installations as well as in reality.

A monolithic wall-element guides the customer through the exhibition and serves as spatial connection between the different rooms. It communicates the contents and counterbalances the palpable massiveness of concrete. We all felt like natural oak was the right wood for that purpose.

  • Customer: Progress AG
  • Project: Farbfabrik - Philipp Putzer, formbar - Laurin Kofler
  • Place: Brixen (South Tyrol)
  • Photos: Gerd Eder